"There's always room for improvement, you know - it's the biggest room in the house"

Interim-management, consultancy and coaching

BIRITH stands for Biggest Room In The House: the room for improvement.

Our beliefs

There’s always room for improvement

At BIRITH we strongly believe there’s always room for improvement, always! However, that will take guts, conviction, a positive approach, insight and willpower. Characteristics you will find in most entrepreneurs.

People are decisive

Whatever processes, organization-charts, procedures, systems we create. Whatever we invest. It is all worthless if the people that finally have to work with it, don’t know how to use it or don’t understand the necessity.


When necessary you will find us on the shop-floor, but always with a helicopter-view. We know the theory and we will use it if necessary. But above all we are pragmatic and action- and result-oriented. We make the compex simple.

Rob Huijgens

I founded BIRITH, because I wanted to make the experience and knowledge I gained over the last 30 years in management and board positions available for companies, entrepreneurs and leaders. I want to contribute to the improvement of their business operations and personal growth. On top of that, I felt that I should become an entrepreneur, rather than being just enterprising.

I’ve always been interested in leadership. How do you make sure things run smoothly? How do you get the best out of people? How do you create a top team? I’ve been in charge of companies and departments since an early age. I dealt with almost all aspects of business operations and have been responsible for almost everything. Ultimately, operations management and security & risk management are the common thread in my career.

Most of the time I worked for service and logistic companies. I was a board-member of (medium) large companies for 13 years. Getting things done, creating (high performance) teams, negotiating, making deals – often under complex circumstances and under great pressure. It is during these moments I feel most at ease. I get energized by making things that are already good even better, getting things that are not good (anymore) back on track, making good people the best and make the complex simple. I prefer to work in a no-nonsense way, averse from bureaucracy. Together with others wherever possible, on my own if necessary.

As far as I’m concerned, people make the difference in all circumstances. I can’t really imagine a situation where people aren’t the starting point. I also strongly believe you can always do better than yesterday, and you should and can learn something new every single day, whatever your age or experience may be.

Among others, I held positions as Chief Operations Officer (COO) at Geldmaat B.V. and Operations Director and Security & Risk Director at G4S Cash Solutions B.V.

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Our partners


We want to bring the SPARQ back into organizations by making people feel heard, engaged and empowered. By activating the collective intelligence we create momentum where organizations are stuck. So each can realize their full potential and create sustainable value.

Rivello Investments

We are a full-service Investment Agency.

We invest knowledge and financial resources in companies, with the aim to realize (online) growth.

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