"There's always room for improvement, you know - it's the biggest room in the house"


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails” – John Maxwell

You want the continuity of your company to be guaranteed under all circumstances. Your organization has been set-up for this purpose and you assured yourself having the best people around you. But suppose one of those people suddenly drops out. Or you find out things don’t work the way they should anymore, for example because you’ve grown much faster than you expected.

Good to know that in these situations you can fall back upon BIRITH interim-management. Experienced interim-managers who are used to work under complex circumstances. Who know how to deal with stakeholders on every level and even can act as a crisis-manager if necessary.

Interim-management is always tailor-made. At the start we determine within which boundaries we operate and how to communicate.

Temporary or additional management

  • One of your managers or board-members suddenly drops out
  • You want to (temporary) expand your management-team urgently
  • Your company, or a department within your company, could use a “boost


  • You want to take your organization to a higher level
  • Things are not going as it should be
  • Things really have to change in the short term

We can help you in these situations. For example, with an experienced acting:

  • Managing director
  • COO
  • Operations manager/director
  • Logistics manager/director
  • Security (& risk) manager/director
In need for temporary support?